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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ABC Wednesday: P is for Primrose

Pretty Pink Primrose (Oenothera speciosa)
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our World Tuesday: Last week in the NC mountains

I thought I'd do one more post with a mix of shots I took over a four day period (Friday through last Monday) in the NC mountains.
It's noticeable how much ahead the NC mountains are in terms of fall color as opposed to central NC where I live.
At home many more trees have changed colors but the oak trees are still slowly changing. We're several weeks behind the mountains in my state.
We were in the southern part of the NC mountain range this time but the northern end of the NC mountain range is probably almost finished with fall colors.
I'm probably repeating myself between posts lately since the photographs were taken at the same time but I took so many I've gotten a bunch of posts out of a four day vacation.
The trail I took the shot above on had a lot of obstacles but I was careful when walking around the rocks and roots. It wasn't until I got to an easy walking part that I tripped and fell on my face.
Fortunately I just got a few bruises and wasn't badly hurt. It was slightly humorous because a couple that was near me were very solicitous and was trying to help me up and I said, I'm o.k I just need Bill and right then Bill walked up and said: I'm Bill. He was a little ahead of me when I fell.
I didn't need any help but I wanted the couple to know that they could leave me and I had someone with me. They were nice but it was embarrassing to fall like that. I find that I am usually less likely to fall when maneuvering tricky parts of paths but it's the easier ones when I stop paying attention that I do a nose dive.
Also, I had my camera around my neck and in my efforts to protect my camera I fell harder than if I'd used my hands to protect myself rather than my camera. I loved the shed in the NC Arboretum in Asheville (shot below).
I'd like to have a green roof like the one on the shed.
I also liked the "helping hands" sculpture below.
The next shot is of a house in Brevard, NC. The lighting was poor for the shot but I think the chimney is fun.
The tree below was on the same street in Brevard as the house. I like the tree but am not sure what kind it is.
I love being able to take pictures while someone else drives.
I've taken a few shots at stop lights when I drive but I'm trying not to do that anymore.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: NC mountains

I couldn't have ordered better weather for our road trip to the North Carolina mountains.
This time we stayed in Brevard, NC near Asheville which is southwest of where I live in central NC.
Usually we have at least a day or so of rainy foggy weather in the mountains but this time it was all clear blue skies.
It was chilly at night and in the mornings but the sun warmed us up quickly during the day.
I took a ton of pictures so difficult to weed out the ones to use on my blog.
As a matter of fact I took so many pictures I didn't even mind losing the ones I shot on the way there.
When I'm on a trip I periodically look through my photos and delete the ones I don't want to keep.
My camera asks do you want to delete current photo, selected photos or all the photos in the camera.
The first night I accidentally said delete all photos in the camera.
Fortunately I hadn't taken that many pictures when I deleted all of them.
I took so many pictures during the rest of the trip that I didn't mind losing those from on the way there.
It also made me be very careful the rest of the time when sorting through and deleting pictures I didn't want to keep.
I've always been afraid I would accidentally delete all the pictures and am usually very careful about it.
The shot below as well as a few above are from the arboretum in Asheville, NC.
I had never been to that arboretum before although I've been to the area many times.
The next shot is one I took on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Most of the shots are a mix from the road and on trails.
For this post I tried to pick the ones where the sky was a feature of the shot.
It's nice having a blue sky mixing in with the colorful leaves.
The last day I was glad to have some swirling clouds to add to the all blue of the rest of the time.
I took the last shot on the way home.

Monday, October 22, 2012

ABC Wednesday: O is for orange

I have returned from an out of town road trip to the North Carolina mountains where orange is on display.
I am able to spread out the fall/autumn color because the mountains are in the western part of my state and reach peak color a few weeks before the central part of North Carolina where I live.
Since I quickly downloaded my photos and randomly picked some orange shots for this thrown together post it will be a bit rushed.
We had an outstanding time in Brevard, NC as well as in Asheville, on hikes, and on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
We visited the NC Arboretum in Asheville where there was a lot of orange.
There were orange butterflies on the remaining flowers.
Everywhere we looked there were orange leaves on the trees.
Next is a shot of Looking Glass Rock which I took on the Blue Ridge Parkway today as we headed home.
Next are some more orange leaves on trees above a roadside rock face.
I'm going ahead and posting this early for ABC Wednesday since I'm not doing Our World Tuesday this week.


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