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Sunday, October 23, 2016

NC Mountain to Sea Trail Sunday walk

Bill and I walked on part of the NC Mountain and Sea trail today that we haven't walked on before.


Living in central NC the walk is through the woods near Falls Lake and the Neuse river.


We are slowly getting more and more fall color.


Still plenty of green but I'm guessing by early November we'll be close to peak color.


Part of the trail was flooded but we were able to walk around the wet and muddy part.


I like the way there are so many different places to hike near where I live.


I had to push aside tree limbs to get some of the colorful shots.


I think I like fall colors reflected in the water as much as the way they look on the trees.


There are more and more shadows as leaves drop.


At the end of this post is a shot I took of fungi.


While I was photographing it someone walked up and asked if I was taking it home with me.


He said it was really good to eat and I'm sure he was right but I am too paranoid to gather fungi for cooking in the woods.


After I finished photographing it the man gathered all of the fungi.


There were three just like the one below.


The next shot is when I was pulling back into my neighborhood.


I took the last shot outside of Office depot.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Early Fall in Central NC

The central part of NC where I live in is still in the early part of fall.


We are usually two to three weeks behind the NC mountains. 


It's starting to look more and more like fall since the maples and dogwoods and a few other trees have put on their fall clothes.


The oak trees are among the last to change.


Living in a city with the nickname "City of Oaks" means until the oaks change colors we still have a lot of green.


My oaks haven't started changing at all yet.


But I have a lot of dogwoods in my yard and neighborhood which is making it colorful.


There also still a lot of flowers blooming.


The Japanese Magnolia above is not supposed to bloom until spring.


Although it's my next door neighbor's tree I think of it as mine since I see it from my kitchen window and I've seen numerous families move in and out of that house.


The first bunch of shots are ones I took yesterday at home and running errands.


I took the lake and trail shots today on the Falls Lake trail.


The magnolia I mentioned has bloomed too early before and lost the flowers to snow or hard freeze when tricked by a mild winter but by too early I mean February.


It's hard to imagine what will happen since it's already blooming in October. 


If it was just the few blossoms I wouldn't be concerned.


What worries me is that it's full of buds that shouldn't have started forming until late winter.


Bizarre to have buds and flowers before the leaves drop.


That type of magnolia loses it's leaves in the fall unlike the larger magnolias that keep their leaves year round.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

What a difference a day makes

We are just starting to move into fall so every time I see fall colors (especially when I'm not the driver) I have to snap the shot.
 photo blogDSCN5137.jpg

The reason for the title of this post is yesterday we had very heavy rain but today was sunny.

 photo blogDSCN5165.jpg

I lost power for much of the day yesterday and into the evening but felt lucky since the coast was hit so much harder than where I live.

 photo blogDSCN5203.jpg

Bill and I went for a walk at the NC museum of art park and although there were signs of the storm it wasn't bad.

 photo blogDSCN5185.jpg

There were a lot of families taking advantage of the beautiful day.

 photo blogDSCN5221.jpg

The pictures aren't in a logical sequence. 

 photo blogDSCN5199.jpg

I'm having trouble getting used to using photobucket again.

 photo blogDSCN5198.jpg

My flicker account is acting up so I switched back to photobucket for this post.

 photo blogDSCN5234.jpg

If I don't go ahead and blog on the weekend, I don't get to it.

 photo blogDSCN5223.jpg

As I've mentioned before commuting to work does take a lot more out of me than when I worked from my computer at home so I don't blog as much.

 photo blogDSCN5254.jpg

By the way, the tree that looks like it's holding a boulder (photo 3, 6 and 7) or maybe a dinosaur egg is new to me and I haven't found any information about it online. I also didn't notice a plaque but I didn't dawdle except to take pictures.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

First Walk in October

Bill and I went on a walk on the Neuse River Greenway trail today.


The paved trail is 27.5 miles long and seems to be popular with cyclist.


I think of it as being outside of Raleigh, NC but it's part of the Capital Area Greenway System. 


September was the hottest month of the summer which isn't unheard of but that hasn't happened in a long time.


I don't know if the red tree is a young pine that is ready to drop it's needles or not but I like the way it looks.


I can't really complain since June was quite cool and it didn't get very hot until July.


I don't think it has been a hotter summer than usual here.


It just started to get hot later and didn't get cooler until later.


Today was perfect for a walk.


Looking ahead at the weather I think it will be quite pleasant next week although there will be some storms.


There are starting to be signs of fall but plenty of wildflowers remain.



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