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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ms. Robin Modest


Michele said...

The Robin all nestled in her canopy of greens... so pretty! Good shot.

Horsoon said...

Shooting the birds is something I don't do well, guess I lack the patience. It's a very nice shot!

Dee said...

Reminds me of the Tom Robbins book "Still Life with Woodpecker" - yours could be "Still Life with Robin".

Robbins strikes me as a hippi . . . I like how you describe yourself as a "junior hippi" - love the peace symbol, by the way.

Carver said...

Hi Michele and Horsoon, Thanks so much for visiting and commenting

Dee, the junior hippie thing started when someone said - I bet you were a hippie and I said, wait a minute, I was a junior hippie at most, I was twelve when Woodstock happened. The funny thing about the candy that looks like a peace symbol on my PH post at my other site was I didn't even think about the fact that it was missing a line until someone pointed it out. I think I mentally added a line.

maryt/theteach said...

This is a beauty of a shot, Carver! This is a nice peaceful blog! I may start one of my own!

mlittle said...

very nice, indeed. your photos make me want to pick up my camera, clean it, and start taking some pictures.


Carver said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting my new site and if you start one be sure to mention it on your other blogs because I'd love to see it.

Hi Melissa, I'm glad my photographs make you feel like that because I think taking pictures is a fun outlet. You may find it addictive once you start. I know I have. My tip is take a ton of pictures. That's the only way I end up with any I like. Then again some people are better at taking their time and waiting to get a good shot. That's not a talent of mine.


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