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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hurry up, I need a bath too!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! And they aren't fighting over it!

Horsoon said...

Very humorous shot! Nice take.

Dee said...

Or, you could say, "Hey, stop hogging all the water! I'm thirsty!"

Carver said...

I had the same reaction JC. Sometimes the birds do get impatient with each other but this pair was getting along nicely.

Thanks Horsoon. The bird are funny sometimes. Nice to look out my window and smile when I see the up to their antics.

Hi Dee, That would be a good caption too. I enjoy coming up with captions and also like alternate ideas. It's fun.

Michele said...

Oh... this is just too cute. I love this photo.... awww... perfect!

Carver said...

Thanks Michelle.


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