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Monday, December 28, 2009

That's My World Tuesday: As 2009 ends a look through the months

Since this is the last week of 2009, I thought I would post a photograph from each month of this year for That's My World Tuesday.


I didn't try to look through all my zillions of photos for the best or even representative ones. I took a quick look at some of the folders from each month and grabbed one.


The first photograph was taken in January when my St. Francis statue was sporting a hat and stole courtesy of the snow. The second shot is from a February sunset and and shot below is from March. I think of the shot below as my March Madness photo (a term that NCAA basketball fans will be familiar with).


The next shot is one I took in April while walking in the North Carolina Museum's Art Park in Raleigh, NC.


My May shot below was taken at the top of my driveway looking into what I call my secret garden because it's fairly private in the back.


My June shot below is of a dragonfly that was hanging on to my car's antenna.


The shot I took below was the last day of July and was taken at a hotel pond where my daughter and I were going for a walk near the Greensboro, NC airport. We were waiting for a delayed airplane bringing my sister to a family reunion we were going to in Blowing Rock, NC.


The next shot was taken on August the first, at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, where my sister and I were walking before the family gathered at my Aunt's house in Blowing Rock, NC.


My September shot was taken in the NC Botanical garden in Chapel Hill, NC.


The heron below is one I photographed in October while walking at a lake near where I live in the triangle area of NC.


I photographed the cardinal below, in November, through my bedroom door which looks out on my deck.


The December shot below was taken in my home office/den last week. That is where I work most of the time except when I have to be on site at the Durham office, and it is also where I blog. On the right side of the shot is my computer table which is mostly out of the camera site, and the left hand side shows a little bit of the day bed where I can break for a quick nap, I mean stretch out while proofreading work, in my home office.


The home of That's My World Tuesday has links to participants from many different parts of the world.


Daryl said...

What a wonderful way to sum up the year, the seasons .. its perfect!

Mojo said...

I forget that Moses Cone Memorial Park is actually in Greensboro. I just naturally associate it with the Moses Cone Estate up in the mountains. I've got a bunch of shots from there, but all during the winter.

I L.O.V.E. the dragonfly on your antenna! that might be my favorite shot of yours ever.

Carver said...

Thanks for visiting. With regards to the Moses Cone Memorial Park I'm talking about, it is on the Moses Cone Estate in Blowing Rock, NC and the link on the post has more information. We were only in Greensboro to meet a plane and then on to Boone/Blowing Rock which is where my Mom was from (she died in 1990 but a lot of her family still lives in the NC mountains).

Photo Cache said...

It's a nice pictorial recap of your year.

I did the same thing Carver. I didn't have time to go thru and inspect which photos are the best, I just grabbed and posted.

Hoped you had a joyful Christmas and may the year bring peace.

Maude Lynn said...

I love that March Madness shot!

Sylvia K said...

What a lovely world you live in Carver! And I loved being able to look back over all the lovely posts from the past year. I also love the dragonfly!! What a capture that was! And you have indeed summed up the year for us!! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


maryt/theteach said...

Thank you, Carver! Great shots, most of which I saw when you posted them originally! Thanks for the second look! :)

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful snaps each from every month of the year. All of them are unique.

Jaaisalmer, Golden City

Erin said...

a clever idea .... enjoyed a look back at 2009.
have a wonderful 2010 and may it be prosperous.

Jim said...

Great series of shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Stine in Ontario said...

What a fun way to look back at 2010. I think you are way more organized than I am...LUCKY you! (Wish I could learn your secret. LOL)

Quilt Works said...

I like the mix of weather in your shots. The new banner with the squirrel in snow is a winner! I love it!

...see what is in front of my house!

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea you did for MyWorld. Wishing you the happiest of new years!

Anonymous said...

I like the photo with the basketball hoop. Hard to make a basket with all those flowers. Happy New Year!

Hazel said...

Thanks for the beautiful visual tour. I was so fascinated by the dragonfly and loved reading
"secret garden" Happy holidays!

Ayie said...

all four seasons, all year round great shots from you!

Regina said...

Delightful world! Great shots!
Cheers for the New Year!


Anya said...

So many shots
for all seasons :-)
Unique choice !!

CHEERS for New Year

Wolynski said...

Wonderful trip through the year. Your office looks soooo cozy and inviting, with that fire burning.

Jossie said...

You show some marvellous pictures here. Great way to go through this year's photos.
Happy New Year!

Arija said...

Yhanks for the retrospective of your year, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hope the next one has at least as much beauty in it.

storyteller said...

Oh my gosh ... what a MARVELOUS array of varied views from your world and a terrific idea I want to remember for NEXT year! I keep trying to choose a favorite but just can't because they each speak to me for different reasons. I'm so glad I dropped by today. I've shared a bit of My Seasonal World one last time this week.
Hugs and blessings,

Dirkjogt said...

This was a very nice post. Guiding us through the year with pictures. Great idea!

Melusine said...

What a great idea to post one picutre from each month - many nice shots here, the one from February is stunning with its colours!

SandyCarlson said...

These are just great. I especially love the basketball hoop among the blossoms. My daughter plays basketball, and this for me is iconic of girly-girl on the b'ball team!


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