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Monday, June 21, 2010

That's My World Tuesday: Grassy Creek, NC

Grassy Creek, North Carolina is in Ashe County near the NC and Virginia border (northern NC mountains).
If you've never heard of Grassy Creek, you aren't alone. This unincorporated township was established around 1788 and only had a population of 511 in the 2000 census.
The shots in this post are ones from my digital photo archives that I haven't posted on my blog yet. Some of these shots are in Grassy Creek and some were when we were driving around trying to find it.
I've felt like a change of scenery on my blog so I've been looking back through past trip shots.
My mother's grandparents had a farm in Grassy Creek and I have many fond memories of visiting them when I was a child. I was named after their son, Carver, who died when my mother was a baby. I am a woman and was given Carver as my middle name which is what everyone called me. When I got married I dropped my first name (Jane) and Carver became my legal first name.
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Ramosforest.Environment said...

Traditions and country shots.
Luiz Ramos

Cezar and Léia said...

Idyllic place!I love your pictures from Grassy Creek, it's a beautiful place.
The first shot is outstanding!
Great work !

Mojo said...

Great photos and some interesting history too. Feels like we can see the whole town in these few shots.

lissa said...

looks peaceful, like you can go lay on the grass and stare at the sky

Daryl said...

Carver is such a wonderful name .. and these pix are equally so

Anonymous said...

wow, that what a pastoral scene, i love it especially your drive by shots.

no offense meant to jane, but i think carver has more character :)

enjoy the new week.

Really! said...

Just blog hopping and came upon yours. I love the pictures, what kind of camera do you use? I always hope people answer, "Oh just an old point and shoot thing I keep around." I just opened for business but your welcome to come on over for a laugh:)

Rajesh said...

Fabulous shots. Lovely country side.

Sylvia K said...

What a lovely, peaceful place! Love the history, including how you were named! Marvelous photos as always! Hope you have a wonderful week!


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful country scenes, Carver! Have a great week. :)

Carver said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting and to answer the question about my camera: I have a canon powershot A610 which can be point shoot but also has the option where I can set everything manually. It also has the option for adding different lenses which attach with an adapter. I can't afford another digital camera but eventually I'd like one more like my really old 35 mm which I had a bunch of different lenses for. However, this is a pretty good in between digital.

B i r g i t t a said...

It was an interesting history and the place too :)
We also use to go to places where ancestors used to live - to feel a bit of history :)

Indrani said...

Beautiful scenic shots and interesting knowing the story of your name. :)

Jim said...

What a wonderful place.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

marcia@joyismygoal said...

wow I /would have loved to be there

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

pop 511, is there a school? My school has 660 kids. LOL

Ebie said...

Wow! True to its name, it looks so green and grassy everywhere. Very rustic and beautiful.

Jenn said...

Such wondrous sceneries along the way.

Sharodindu said...

cool landscapes... really great shots

Unknown said...

My Mother was raised in Grassy Creek, NC from 1925-1935. I am looking for old pics.. do you know of any source? Thanks

Carver said...

Hi Nancy, I clicked on you blog but it said the profile was private, therefore, I wasn't able to leave a comment on your blog about this so I'm leaving it here in case you come back. Wow, that's amazing since Grassy Creek is so tiny. My mother's maiden name was Young and she was born in 1924. What a small world. My grandmother and grandfather left to move west when my mother was a baby but my grandfather died of sleeping sickness and my grandmother and mother came back to the NC mountains. My grandmother lived in Boone after that but my mother spent a lot of time on her Grandparents farm in Grassy Creek when she was growing up. They were still alive (my great grandparents) when I was young and when we visited my Grandmother in Boone we usually went to Grassy Creek too. I can probably find some old shots of Grassy Creek and I took more when I was there a few years ago looking for my grandparents farm.


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