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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Weekend in Black and White: Fenced in

I couldn't get the perfect perspective for this one but I think it works fairly well.
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Cezar and Léia said...

I love the charming windows and the sweet reflections!The metal structure is a special detail in this composition!
Happy weekend!

Marie said...

Lovely! Perfect perspective you used in this one. Thumbs up :-)

Dragonstar said...

I love the way the bottoms of the railings are reflected in the windows. A really attractive photo.

Dimple said...

I think it works very well!

B i r g i t t a said...

It works very well and I like how the brick texture emerges :)

Laura said...

love the repetition of the fence lines in the reflection...great shot!

Jan Halvard said...

Bonita foto de blanco y negro!

Welcome to visit my blog and
my weekend in Black and White!

Jan Halvard, Norway
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!

forgetmenot said...

I think it worked very well!!! Nice shot. Mickie :)

Rejen said...

Very nice shot...;-D

genie said...

I think it look great to my eye. I am always fretting so about the alignment of shots like this, but I think your is perfectly done. Love the reflections. Beautiful work.

James said...

Nicely done. I like the lines in this one.

Anonymous said...

Very nice... :)


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