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Monday, August 15, 2011

That's My World Tuesday: Morning Walks

UPDATE- I was saddened to read that Klaus Peter who founded That's My World is no longer with us. The home site of That's My World is dedicated to Klaus this week. The title on his blog this week is Thou Shalt Not Pass which is a beautiful memorial shot to him. My heart and thoughts are with his family and friends. Klaus Peter - 1960 - 2011 When I think of Klaus it will be of the magnificent birds he photographed in full flight and joy.

I am so happy to have a walking window again with cooler mornings that I've been taking my chance even though showers have been forecast.

I've managed to almost get to the end of most of my walks before it has started raining.
It hasn't bothered me to get a little wet since I've been taking a backpack to protect my camera and a plastic bag in my pocket to slip over the camera before it even comes off my neck.
The shots in this post are from several different walks. It's nice to see some of the creeks getting more water from recent rains although parts of it are still dry.
It will take a while for all the creeks to get full again.
The lake still seems a bit low but it will probably get to normal levels fast if we keep getting significant rain.
At first I thought the ducks or maybe they're geese below were beach balls and then I saw there actually was an abandoned beach ball behind them.
When I saw the man jogging with his baby in a stroller I thought to myself, I wonder what the baby will think if it starts raining.
As it turned out when the storm clouds started producing rain, I saw the man running flat out back the way he came. I didn't get that shot because I was putting up my camera but I did get a shot of the lake right before it started raining.
I love the way the duck below looked gliding along with its reflection.
Looking across the lake I thought I spotted a large bird of some kind but when I zoomed in I realized it was a Great Humanoid Fisher.
The rest of the shots are before it got so dark when the storm clouds were moving in.
Sometimes it's almost like a light is turned on and off, the way it goes from a fairly light cloudy day to a dark stormy one.
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eileeninmd said...

Lovely photos from your walk, Carver! Looks like a pretty place, love the duck and reflection. Thanks for sharing your world.

Penelope Notes said...

I love the sheen on the water that you captured so well with your camera, Carver. And the “prelude to rain” photo with its brooding deep-blue reflections on the lake is lovely. I enjoy the patter of rain in the forest but I do have to play hide and seek with my camera so it won’t get wet while I quickly take a picture. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - such lovely shots and so much variety!

Photo Cache said...

Your walking spot is superb. Walking under those greenery is so refreshing. How is this place in wintertime?

Carver, another favor, please sign me up at MW. my millado at g mail dot com. Thanks.

Rajesh said...

Fantastic place for morning walk. Each scene is remarkable.

Sylvia K said...

What gorgeous captures of your world, Carver, as always! You have such wonderful places to walk and so much beauty to photograph! I'm glad you share it with us! Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

thank you for this escape.

daily athens

Maude Lynn said...

Lovely shots!

Indrani said...

(Klaus no more? Shocking, too young to pass away!)

Your photographs are fantastic.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a delightful walk, to be sure. I am glad the rain has come your way. We had a deluge here on Topsail last night, and it felt great!

Arija said...

What a sad, sad day it is. Klaus was two years younger than my daughter! His death brings all our mortality into sharper focus. I for one am already missing him a sad loss to us all.

I am glad you got your wark in. Love the beach ball and two drakes.

Samson said...

Wow, beautiful place for a morning walk. Lovely photos

fjÀllripan said...

Lovely photos from your walks! :)

Gattina said...

You took me on a beautiful walk !
and you are the first one who put a link to Klaus Peter's blog, because I didn't know him at all. Now I know a little more, how sad, he was far too young to die.

Anonymous said...

I love these cool, shady paths through the woods. It seems quiet and peaceful here, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature.


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