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Thursday, March 14, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: Mixed

I caught a pretty sunrise this week.
Since most mornings were rainy it was nice to see a colorful start to that morning.
There were even a few days with some blue skies.
I think on average were have been having 20 percent blue days.
I caught a pretty sunset one day this week too. 
Tuesday morning it was pouring down raining when I had to go to my office in Durham, NC for the day.
I almost didn't take my camera because I thought it was going to rain all day.
As it turned out, I was glad I had my camera with me because by lunch it had stopped raining.
After a few minutes during lunch, the clouds began to part and some blue filled in between them.
I went on a photo walk to stretch my legs.
I took more pictures during a lunch hour than I've taken all week.
I like to capture reflections in buildings.
Spring has arrived in my part of North Carolina.
Each day more and more signs of life appear.
I like big puffy clouds against a blue sky.
I was surprised how quickly the outdoor furniture dried off.
It had rained very hard all morning but during the time I was wandering around most of the surfaces dried.
I like the bare limbs of trees during the winter so I'm shooting them before they sprout leaves.


Ramakrishnan said...

All images are charming & spectacular.

Teamgsquare said...

Wonderful skies,clouds and lovely colors .

Anonymous said...

Pretty shots and reflections, but most of all - you have BLOSSOMS!

islandwonder said...

Love the lunchtime walk pics.

Photo Cache said...

beautiful spring day. what a lovely day to take a walk.

Sylvia K said...

Such a wonderful variety of skies!! Isn't it terrific how they're always moving and changing!! Great captures for the day as always, Carver!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Karen said...

Lovely shots, enjoy your spring.

Randi said...

Terrific captures! Marvelous and colourful skies!! Enjoy your lovely spring-time!

Liz said...

Beautiful captures. Happy sky watching.

My sky.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful captures of great variety.

Carletta said...

Beautiful shots!
The blue and white skies and that building in the ninth shot - love that one.
Then, your wonderful reflections.
A lovely SWF post!

HansHB said...

Nice post for the sky-theme!

Merisi said...

Such beautiful images and such pretty North Carolina skies! love to see the first magnolias flowering.

Happy Sky Watch,

Steffi said...

Very beautiful photo for SWF!Thank you for it and have a nice weekend!

eileeninmd said...

Carver, beautiful series of sky shots. The blossoms are lovely with the blue sky and the reflection of the sky in the building is awesome. Great shots! Happy Skywatching!

genie said...

Oh, my goodness , Carver...You have outdone yourself this week. What a wonderful series of NC shots. Looks like spring is trying to peek it little ol' head out. The skies are beautiful, and I loved seeing all the buildings and the reflections. Great post. Genie

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That was one amazing lunch hour lady! My gosh. Looks definitely as if spring is one the way. Love the skies and the flower buds and the interesting reddish building...well, the whole walk. Felt like I went along on the walk...(except for that I didn't get to stretch my legs ;>)

(And BTW, Please don't ever go anywhere without your camera!)

Karen said...

A great way to spend your lunch hour! Excellent shots.

Martha Z said...

I like the clouds we get after a rain, they make beautiful photographs. That building is a beauty, too. I like the reflective windows and the overall look of it.

ZielonaMila said...

Fine views, the first signs of spring, nicely. I am greeting

Beth said...

Awesome pics!
Beth @ Life on Devils Hollow

Indrani said...

Great series of shots! I like how you include different elements in each shot and make the post interesting.


I like the lights in each of these images.

You have a beautiful blog

Happy Sunday


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