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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ABC Wednesday: B is for bluejay and bluebird

Bluejays are a lovely combination of blue, white and black.
Bluebirds are blue, reddish brown and white although you can't see much of the white underbelly in the shot below.


My Unfinished Life said...

colorful birds!!

Nonnie said...

I love the colors of both the blue jay and the bluebird! The blue jay is one pushy bird however, he's been known to take over another bird's nest. And I've seen birds fly away from the feeder the few times one has come to my feeder.
I have never seen an actual bluebird; I would love to see one. I just googled and found a site to help me by downloading how to entice bluebirds to one's yard.

Penelope Notes said...

We have plenty of blue jays in my world but to see a blue bird would really be a treat, especially with its reputation of bringing happiness. :)

photowannabe said...

We have some of those noisy Blue Jays around our house.
Just yesterday I saw 2 blue birds flitting just out of my camera range.
Great choice for the letter B.

Roger Owen Green said...

these blue birds are not BASHFUL!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Welcome to Carver!
Lovely birds. Pose for a photo?
Fantastic photos.
I send greetings.

Richard Lawry said...

Beautiful Blue Birds!
An Arkie's Musings

Kate said...

Nature gives us such wonderful gifts. The BLUES on these two BIRDS are quite BEAUTIFUL. Kate, ABC Team

Leslie: said...

Awesome shots!

abcw team

Ann said...

Oh the soft feathers look beautiful in the second shot. Love the brownish color.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful birds.

Alexande said...

The colours of these birds are beautiful.

Alex's World! -

Indrani said...

Fantastic capture.

Ruby Manchanda said...

I always enjoy your bird pictures

Meryl said...

Wow. What beautiful shots!

Kay L. Davies said...

I'd love to see one of those cute little bluebirds. I've seen one bluejay here in our yard in southeastern Alberta, but the jays I'm most used to are the Stellar's Jays in BC, where they are the official provincial bird.

Latane Barton said...

I love bluebirds but just don't get them in my yard. And, I don't see many bluejays either, come to think about it.

Lise said...

We don't see Bluebirds here, but we do have Blue Jays. I love bird watching, they are fascinating little creatures!

Suzy said...

Very pretty birds. I've never seen them.

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