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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mid March through early April 2016

The first batch of shots are ones I took in mid March when I walked to my polling station to vote in the primary elections.


We've had a mixed bag in terms of weather.


We had a light frost after the shots in the first half of this post.


Fortunately the flowers didn't seem to mind.


Usually the only time spring temperatures are an issue where I live is when they fall 5 or more degrees below freezing after trees leaf out and stay there into the morning.


We're close to our average last frost date and at this point I hope we don't get any temperatures much below freezing.


I'm not eager for it to get hot too fast either.


We've had some warm weather but nothing extreme.


As long as it cools off at night I don't mind heat but I'm not a big fan of summer.


I think the cloud below looks like smoke rising.


I love camellias and my white ones have done well this year.


I can't believe how many photographs I uploaded for this post.


I don't seem to look through my photographs and select ones for blogging very often which means I have a lot to choose from.


The problem is I run out of commentary.


I guess the biggest changes from the mid March to the beginning of April is there are more leaves starting to form.


The pollen has been very thick this year so it has been a relief to have some nice drenching rain.


I scattered some wildflower seeds so I'm also happy we've had nice spring rains.


This morning was rainy (Saturday) but it's clearing now.


Sunday is supposed to be sunny.


I don't mind rainy weekends but I like at least one day when it clears for a walk.


I'll probably go on a walk tomorrow and take more spring shots.


I should walk more during the week.


When I worked from home I tended to walk more because I could work late or start early to accommodate walks. 


When I first started commuting to work 3 days a week, I would go on lunch time walks. 


Now that I drive to work and back five days a week my prime goal is to get there early and leave early to avoid the worse part of the traffic.


At this point the only time I work from home is when I have car trouble or don't feel well. 


The advantage of working in the office is that when I walk out the door I'm done.


Penelope Notes said...

All wonderful shots of your neighborhood and beyond, especially that puffy string of trees with white blossoms that look like clouds. There are definitely pros and cons about both working from home and commuting. You seem to be handling the challenges well and I am delighted you are taking time to share the outdoor spaces of your world. :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Running out of commentary is not a problem when your photos are as lovely as yours are. (With my photos, they usually need some kind of words of explanation ... or apology!)..... Anyway, that's why we are photo bloggers primarily right?

And actually you do tell us plenty about your life in a few words. Enough words.

Spring is so stunningly beautiful in your area. I really do miss a lot of the normal spring flowers here in Florida .... you have just enough cold in the winter to allow early spring to happen. Thanks for sharing what used to be my favorite season!!!!!

Photo Cache said...

Oh Carver I always look forward to your spring flowers. They never disappoint. Hope all's well with you.

Indrani said...

Beautiful skies and flowers.
Love seeing nature's glory around you.


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