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Sunday, October 23, 2016

NC Mountain to Sea Trail Sunday walk

Bill and I walked on part of the NC Mountain and Sea trail today that we haven't walked on before.


Living in central NC the walk is through the woods near Falls Lake and the Neuse river.


We are slowly getting more and more fall color.


Still plenty of green but I'm guessing by early November we'll be close to peak color.


Part of the trail was flooded but we were able to walk around the wet and muddy part.


I like the way there are so many different places to hike near where I live.


I had to push aside tree limbs to get some of the colorful shots.


I think I like fall colors reflected in the water as much as the way they look on the trees.


There are more and more shadows as leaves drop.


At the end of this post is a shot I took of fungi.


While I was photographing it someone walked up and asked if I was taking it home with me.


He said it was really good to eat and I'm sure he was right but I am too paranoid to gather fungi for cooking in the woods.


After I finished photographing it the man gathered all of the fungi.


There were three just like the one below.


The next shot is when I was pulling back into my neighborhood.


I took the last shot outside of Office depot.



Penelope Notes said...

I like the reflections better too sometimes because water softens the colors and gives the trees and sky an impressionist look. Never heard about eating fungi before but some forest mushrooms sure look tasty. A bit risky to try unless educated about what is poisonous and what is not. :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Beautiful reflections - and wonderful color. Love the fungi - but I too don't take them home - I feel I would need a lot more education before I decided to eat them.

Lady Fi said...

The fall colours are delightful!

Ranthambore Tour Packages said...

Excellent reflections - and brilliant shading. Adore the growths..

Photo Cache said...

You are indeed lucky to have not only trails to walk on, but scenic trails at that. In the neighborhood, the fall colors are slow to show.

DeniseinVA said...

Thank you for taking us along on your walk, that must have been so peaceful. Loved looking up through the trees and that pretty blue sky :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

i'm mostly afraid of wild mushrooms. Except our grandson and his wife hunt for Chanterelles, which do not (they tell us) resemble any other mushroom... so I have eaten them and they are delicious. Your woods are just beautiful. I love the early fall color.

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful fall colors Carver....


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