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Saturday, December 10, 2016

November 26 through December 10, 2016

I'm going to start with shots I took this morning and move back to the end of fall.


The shot above of the American Robin was planned. I didn't realize I'd caught a bird in the next shot until I uploaded to my computer.


The frost on my car almost looks like wrapping paper to me.


I took the next few shots at work with my cell phone.


The clouds were wonderful.


I wish I had my camera with me but my cell phone does a fair job.

blog30673657024_e4766ab0ea_o (1)

I took the next shot after I got home with my camera.


I love capturing robins with wide open mouths.


I try to give the birds fresh water in the winter as well as the summer.


There are a lot of robins although in the winter I usually see them in the trees more that at the bird bath.


I didn't even see the titmouse below until after I took the picture of the robin.


The next one is a rufous sided towhee (female).


I can't remember what kind of woodpecker I caught below.


I think the next bird is a grackle.


I like the hint of vivid color.


Male cardinals are one of my favorite birds to capture when it snows. It hasn't snowed here yet and didn't turn very cold until this past week.


Next are finches, a sparrow (I think) and an american robin.


A couple of days after I took the shot below the leaves fell off the trees in a hard rain.


The next shot was taken at the Neuse River trail.


As I keep mentioning we had an unusually late fall but the leaves have finally fallen.


Last but not least is my neighbor's Japanese Maple.



Penelope Notes said...

So many birds flock to your yard where they know they are welcome. My favorite in this series is the frost on your windshield made all the more interesting with the faint arch. Reminds me of little bird footprints. I would love to have this pattern as a tablecloth or on the wall.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

YAY, your birds are back -- they are so wonderful -- your yard is a real haven. They really love that water don't they! The frosted window effect is just amazing. What a fantastic picture.

Photo Cache said...

The fall colors are fabulous in your neck of the woods. I love the frost image. How fantastic.

Lady Fi said...

Your autumn colours are gorgeous! And I love the frost wrapping paper effect.

lissa said...

that shot of the frost on the car - that's wonderful, that's nature's beauty right there.

have a lovely day.


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