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Saturday, January 7, 2017

January 7-2017 and late December 2016

I'm going to begin with shots I've taken today.


The sun finally peaked out for the afternoon.


We've had some of the most beautiful conditions.


Since the storm began as rain yesterday there have been icicles.


We had a little bit of everything, rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow.


Since the temperatures were above freezing when the storm started, the accumulation was less since it took awhile for the temperatures to drop, however, there's a layer of ice under the snow on the roads which keeps me from driving.


It's going to be very cold for the rest of the weekend so I'm helping the birds.


The extreme range of temperature this winter has been bizarre even for North Carolina (we frequently have swings but not this big).


If the temperatures that are forecast actually happen there will be a 60 degree difference between the low tomorrow night and the high on Friday.


I've been watching the low on Sunday because it is extreme for here.


At one point the weather channel said 0 Fahrenheit (-17.2 Celsius). 


The forecast has improved a little because now they are saying 6 Fahrenheit (-14.4 Celsius). 


Sometimes I think if I don't talk about the weather there's no other current topic that won't bring my blood pressure up.


That's not strictly true since I can talk about the birds.


Although being a bird this time of the year isn't easy. The cedar waxwings (below) were here at the end of December but they've left for better pickings. 


The shot above and the rest of the shots were taken at the end of 2016. All the others were taken today (January 7, 2017).


We had a lot of great clouds in December.


The flicker and American robins below seem to get along.


This post is several combined ones I've had in mind.


I don't get around to blogging much so when I do they end up being long.


I love mackerel clouds like the one above.


I hope 2017 will be a surprise and turn out to be  a good year.


Photo Cache said...

Oh yeah such a beautiful wintry scene. Hope it doesn't get too cold.

Penelope Notes said...

That last picture in particular is absolutely lovely. Your yard is a wonderful haven for birds particularly in such chilly weather. We are having a cold spell here in the West Coast and my efforts to feed the hummingbirds are thwarted when the sugar water freezes. I hear there is such a thing as hummingbird tongues getting frozen so I try to be careful and not forget to change the feeder when the water turns to ice. Hopefully, this cold spell will end soon.

Lady Fi said...

That freezing rain look cold! Lovely shots!

lissa said...

I like mackerel clouds too, that shot is wonderful!

I wish you a wonderful 2017!

have a lovely day.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy New Year Carver. I too hope that we are surprised, but I think the only good things will be the joys we find and create in our own small worlds -- and oh my do you show some joys today! Thanks for the many smiles.

And the only thing wrong with your long posts is that I have so many things I want to say about them is the danger that my comment will be as long as the post (and not nearly so interesting). I'll try to hold back ;>) That's the best picture of a waxwing I've ever seen -- and I had no idea they'd come to ground to eat and drink from your feeders. Also loved the robin and flicker sharing a 'table'. And all your ice photos as always wonderful.

Take care out there -- it looks dangerous for driving that's for sure!

Rambling Woods said...

Enjoyed the photos Carver and thank you for feeding the birds... Michelle

YTSL said...

Great first post of 2017, Carver! I particular like the photos where you see white snow and blue skies together.


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