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Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 13 through 19th 2017

I wasn't surprised to see the American Robin (first shot) but the cedar waxwing (2nd shot) was a surprise.


Usually I only see the waxwings in late fall early winter and then they move on.


When I first saw this one I was afraid that it was stunned and or injured because it held one position for a long time.


I was relieved when the waxwing stretched and then flew off.


Spring is continuing to go full force with very mild temperatures.


I guess time will tell if winter will return before true spring.


I found myself looking down a lot on Bill's and my walk today to see what was popping up.


This trail had a lot of evergreen shrubs that popped up amidst the trees.


I heard a lot of birds in the woods but only caught fleeting glimpses.


The photograph above doesn't show the depth of the rough steps in the shot above. It was almost easier to walk beside those steps that lift my foot up high enough for the next one.


I saw a lot of wild ginger in the woods today when Bill and I went on a walk.


I enjoy dirt trails but I came uncomfortably closer to twisting my ankle on a root.


Fortunately I managed to save myself from a bad injury.


The shot above and below were taken back in my neighborhood.



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful photos of your walk. I've never seen wild ginger growing, interesting leaf. Spring is on its way. Our trees are beginning to change color and soon the buds will appear.

Lady Fi said...

You have blossoms!!! Lucky you. Gorgeous shots.

lissa said...

not sure I like this early spring weather but it's good for walks. I've never saw that bird with the yellow tail before, nice bird shots.

have a lovely day.

Photo Cache said...

The profusion of magnolia blossoms is one of the things I wait in spring. Have a lovely week.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Carver, even dead brown leaves look beautiful through your eye and camera lens! Things do start looking up this time of year though, with enough life pushing through to show us that Spring is coming. (Of course here I am remembering when we lived and gardened in Oregon -- not here in Florida. Spring now, as I have said until everyone is sick of hearing it, is pretty much just a memory for me now. Robins included. I am glad the cedar waxwing flew off after posing for you. I expect he just knew he was in a safe bird-friendly place so it was a good time for a rest.

Be careful on those wild walks -- turning your ankle is not a good option. I find myself looking down a lot more on walks these days -- I stop before I look up.

Penelope Notes said...

Spring seems to be coming quickly in your neighborhood. For picture takers, it’s not always easy to see all the things we can trip on beneath our feet. I get so caught up in my surroundings that I often don’t watch where I’m going and sometimes escape a fall just by sheer luck. :)


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