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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Returned to Winter and back to Spring

The week of March 13 saw a return to winter, temperature wise, although yesterday (Saturday) was moderate. 


Today was chilly and sunny, pretty typical for early spring.


After getting way ahead of themselves the azaleas blossoms were mostly a loss other than the early ones I enjoyed prior to winter's return.


I'm sure I mentioned this last week but I've never seen azaleas bloom this early.


I'm used to crocuses, camellias and daffodils in March where I live but azaleas usually hold off. 


I took some road shots on the way to a paved walking trail that goes along the Neuse River in between Wake Forest and Raleigh, NC.


I don't think I've ever seen a silo covered in vines before.


I've seen a lot of barns covered in vines but not silos.


Today (Sunday) was a perfect day for a walk.


I like chilly weather when I walk especially when it's not too cold.


Kind of like the 3 bears, not too hot, not too cold, just right. . .


There were other walkers out but not like when the weather is warmer which is an advantage to slightly chilly weather.


I could have done nothing but shoot the sky and I would have had a ton of shots.


I like areas of tall grasses allowed to overwinter. I can image all the life that seeks shelter there.


The paved trails are popular with cyclist but there weren't too many of them.


There were a few solitary cyclist as well as a few children on their bicycles with parents running behind them.


Some of the trees have the feathery look I associate with spring.


There aren't too many flowering trees left since most lost flowers after the cold snap.


There have also been a fair amount of trees starting new leaves that are now curling up and look ready to drop.


My neighbor's Japanese Maple is one of those. Still looks pretty but the early spring leaves are mostly dead so not sure what will happen to it. 


I remember one other year when a lot of trees leafed out too early and they did start another bunch of spring leaves but didn't do very well for an entire growing season.



Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Crazy weather ... that nice quiet walk looks so appealing to me ... I get a bit tired of crowds by this time of the season.... Feb and March are so busy everywhere here. Well, we can't expect to be the only people who want warm sunny winters. You have beautiful skies up there. I always love your photos and knowing I'm not the only one who meditates by cloud gazing. Hope your early spring flowers survive.

Photo Cache said...

Happy first day of spring. We had the most wonderful weather the past week, nothing but blue skies and up to 70 degree weather. This week we're back to wet weather.

Penelope Notes said...

I like the winding road and cloud filled sky … those early bloomers sure have been getting a shock this year as the globe becomes more like a water tap that runs only from hot to cold.

lissa said...

love all those cloudy skies, makes me think of summer somehow. wonderful shots.

have a lovely day.


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