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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday April 2 through Saturday April 8, 2017

Last Sunday Bill and I walked on a trail near Blue Jay Point that included a small part of the NC mountain to sea trail.


I was impressed by a man that was walking very fast who we let pass us.


He said, yesterday I got 8 miles in and I'm going for at least 7 today.


I'm not good at guessing ages but my guess would be late 60s.


We were feeling pretty good about going on a hike on Sunday after a 3 mile or so lake walk on Saturday.


It wasn't so much about distance to me as how steep some of the hills are on the Sunday trail.


A short hilly walk always gets me more than a long flat one so I was impressed by the speedy man walking so briskly up the hills.


I loved seeing the new fern fronds, wildflowers and my first butterfly siting last Sunday.


My neighborhood is looking very beautiful this spring.


The tall azaleas at the bottom of my driveway look like trees particularly since the bottom blossoms were killed off in the cold March weather.


I like the way they reach up and touch my oak trees.


We had a windy day this past week where I had trouble driving.


It was only a brief amount of time but I could feel the wind when I was steering which was odd.


The bushes in the shot above and the one before it are what is usually my azalea wall but this year the bottom two thirds lost its buds before they bloomed. 


The American Robins are getting busy.


I like the early leaves as much as anything about spring.


The bush below did better this year than any of my azaleas.


It's usually the last to bloom but ordinarily that would be late April to early May.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am so in love with your azaleas -- and that looks like a beautiful but hard trail to me (the part you walked -- never mind the whole thing).... I am so used to flatland Florida by now. Our first long stop when we go home later this spring will be in Colorado. I will probably pass out! I like to walk and wish I could motivate myself to hike more. But I never want to be the type of walker who only does it for the number of miles -- I'd rather stop and smell the roses (or azaleas)....

thanks for the spring beauty.

Photo Cache said...

Spring is such a joyous season in your garden. How lovely are the azaleas. You have magnolias as well, do you have dogwood?

Lady Fi said...

Your world really is in full bloom! So lovely to see.

YTSL said...

Your part of the world is looking really beautiful! Enjoyed the pictures featuring critter spottings along with those with blue skies and blooming flowers. :)

lissa said...

it's beautiful over there, already looking like spring.

have a lovely day.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Beautiful beautiful - there is nothing like early spring.


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