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Sunday, November 19, 2017

September through November 19 2017

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted.


I knew I wasn't going to continue with the regular photo blogging.


I thought I'd at least continue having a monthly post.


I was surprised to see that my last post was after a beach trip in August.


I have missed visiting other photo bloggers but time and energy haven't permitted.


I decided I want to at least try to have a seasonal post roughly covering summer, fall, winter and spring.


This is roughly fall although where I live September is more a part of summer than fall.


One thing I do notice is we have a very long season of fall/autumn foliage.


The dogwoods and grasses begin to signal fall in September but most trees don't change in central NC until October and even November.


This year the early fall foliage was earlier than usual and the later fall foliage such as Oak trees was later than usual.


The North Carolina mountains are usually several weeks ahead of central NC with fall foliage.


This is an unusual fall because I didn't make it to the mountains.


There were quite a few late flowers but we've had a couple of hard freezes so they're mostly gone.


One reason I want to try to cover the seasons is I occasionally look back to my blog to see what kind of fall or spring, summer or winter we had.


The sculpture is from the outdoor part of the NC Museum of Art.


The shot below was one of the earlier fall ones in my neighborhood where it really looked like fall.


I kind of like the mix where some trees are vivid colors and other still have some green.


Bittersweet berries on my deck wall are a favorite seasonal color for me. 


It's always nice to see the cormorants return in the fall.


I'm not sure where they go in the summer.


The gulls at Shelley lake are back for the winter and although they are at other lakes in the summer they always leave my neighborhood lake in the spring.


Most of the trees still have leaves although the dogwoods and some maples have dropped their leaves. 


I think I'm nearing the end of the shots I picked out.


It's a good thing I have since I'm running out of something to say.


Happy Thanksgiving this coming Thursday! I'm grateful for a short work week among other things.


Photo Cache said...

You were missed Carver and your beautiful photos. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Penelope Notes said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Carver, and thanks for sharing your NC world looking very calm and peaceful amid seasonal changes. Art, wildlife and people hiking, boating or bicycling is somehow reassuring in a world that too often seems turbulent. I, like you, am surrounded by parks and nature where there is much to be grateful for indeed. :)

lissa said...

I like all the fall colors of the trees there. it's always nice to see another part of the world in different seasons.

have a lovely day.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I missed you and, while sorry not to see your beautiful pictures oftener and sorry you’re working so hard, I *am* glad that is the only reason you’ve been away from blogland. I worry. Your pictures never need a lot of words.., nature’s beauty speaks for itself. I love those red berries...and, especially now that we’re in Florida again, I appreciate the reminders of more typical Autumn than what we have here. Happy Holiday Season!


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