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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Late February through mid March

The photographs are chronological starting with late February.


We had some warm weather in February which jump started spring but this past week we had snow so it's not a clear trajectory. 


I noticed we may have another little snow this coming week.


I was more concerned with some very cold nights since early spring flowers are pretty resilient but if the temperatures drop too low it creates issues.


It's been a very pleasant weekend.


I'm never too eager for hot weather but I like moderate weather the older I get.


It's interesting to me how some flowers get their signals from temperature and others seem to wait for longer days (this is observational not scientific).


The snowy, icy shots are ones I took this week.


I used to know more about the science behind plants and trees but I have forgotten most of it.


Some trees and flowers never go into spring mode until much later but others do seems to react to the immediate weather.


What I worry about is when my pecan tree starts leafing out too early.


I've had that happen a few years where the first bunch of new leaves are killed by low temperatures.


Too early leaves haven't had long term damage to my pecan tree but I don't get very many pecans when the leaves have to start over again after being killed. 


The flowering trees above were taken during a walk today.


The cormorants haven't left Shelley Lake yet.


They usually go somewhere else in the later spring and return in the fall. They are spotted year round at other lakes in my area but I don't usually see them at Shelley Lake in the later spring and summer.


The herons are at this lake year round.


I can tell when they have babies because they scream and fly up and down the lake if I get too close to where they nest.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


lissa said...

these are lovely. it reminds me how nature can change and it's not all bad. I like the duck shots standing on those wooden pegs, they seem to be contemplating something.

have a lovely day.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your pictures make the light snow on the blossoms as beautiful as the more spring-like days. But gosh, it's the end of March!!! I guess early Spring flowers are resilient , but I haven't seen them much at all in the past many years and I've forgotten most of what I used to know. (Actually, I could probably say that about pretty much any subject.) I do remember that hard long rains used sometimes to knock down the daffodils and if that happened just after they reached full bloom, they never did recover. Daffodils used to always be my favorite flower! I miss seeing them now.

Penelope Notes said...

I could dive right into that top picture where the ducks are peacefully floating. What lovely ripples they made. Each year the early blooms need to be hardy to survive what often turns out to be unpredictable weather and a winter surprise. But how lucky you are to have a pecan tree!

Photo Cache said...

Happy Easter Carver.


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