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Saturday, April 20, 2019

March 9 through April 20, 2019

It has been a beautiful spring although the flowers have had a short life initially due to cold and more recently, after the warm up, due to strong storms. 


I left work early yesterday and when I got home Raleigh where I live was under a tornado watch and Durham where I work had a tornado warning. 


Week before last when I was at work I heard a very loud explosion.


Looking out the window there was a thick plume of dark smoke.


It was a gas explosion and sadly caused a number of injuries and a fatality.


It is scary and sad how something like that can occur out of the blue.


I think it was caused by construction equipment hitting a natural gas line but my understanding is they're still trying to figure out how it happened. 


Today was a beautiful day after all the storms yesterday.


I finally managed to spot one of the bald eagles at Shelly Lake. 


I haven't seen the babies yet but I heard they'll probably be venturing out of the nest soon.


It's amazing to me how fast trees have leafed out this year.


They tiny leaves have burst into full leaves faster than I've remembered seeing it happen in past years.


The cardinals are already harder to photograph because they have more leaf cover.


These photographs aren't chronological.


I'm jumping around between the weeks I took pictures.


My large azaleas above were bowed down by storms after I took the shot above so I went ahead and lopped them down a bit while I could reach them.


My back yard has already turned back into a jungle.


I meant to try to do some trimming before there was so much new growth.


Bill and I went to the WRAL Azalea Garden and the tulips were the big stars.


There were some azaleas blooming but the tulips were magnificent.


It was overcast when we were there but still lovely.


I was glad to have some blue sky today though tomorrow is going to be cloudy.


I don't think it's supposed to rain.


I hope not because I'm going to Oxford for Easter dinner.


It's only about an hour's drive but I would prefer it not to be a rainy one.


I'll be interested to see what's in bloom along the way although it was stormy there yesterday too so most of the blooms may be on the ground.


I like ground covers of blooms too so either way is pretty to me. I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a good one.


Penelope Notes said...

Happy Easter, Carver! Wishing you sunny skies for the drive. I do love the idea of having a jungle in the backyard. Tulips are in full bloom in my neck of the woods, too. Seems like the ups and downs of weather everywhere, and life in general, keeps life unpredictable and each moment something to be appreciated. :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hope you made it to Oxford without rain and I'm sure you had a great Easter! If that tornado watch was last Friday, we got the tail end of that storm, and it was scary enough for me. I'm just a wimpy Pacific Northwesterner where the rain is usually much gentler (but it lasts longer). Those gardens -- those tulips -- are fantastic... I really do miss Spring flowers. (The normal Spring kind although yours are way above normal! And oh my gosh, I read about that gas explosion, but somehow it didn't enter my mind that it was where you worked, although I know that. I hate thinking about how things can change in a minute like that.

Lady Fi said...

Lovely to see all your spring flowers!

DeniseinVA said...

We had a tornado watch here also. I am so sorry to hear about the explosion Carver, sad to hear of the fatalities. Out of the blue like that, and hearing about all the sad stuff going on here and around the world, it really makes me take stock of things. Bad stuff going on all over. Your photos are lovely, a great variety, very cheering. Thanks so much and good to be visiting again.

lissa said...

it looks quite like spring in these photos, I really like the tree shots and all those flowers.

have a lovely day.


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