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Sunday, February 2, 2020

December 8, 2019 through January 30, 2020

The shots are going backwards within the time period of the last month of 2019 and the first month of 2020. 


We had a string of warm, spring days and some of the trees flowered and so far haven't lost them in spite of some cold nights with temperatures 10-15 below freezing.


The owl above was in my pecan tree and was the first owl I've spotted anywhere. 


I wish the limb hadn't been across the owl but for documentary purposes I was happy to get the shot.


I like the way the people provided color to the Shelly Lake shot above.


I know I've said this many times but this has been the weirdest weather that I can recall.


The temperature in my office has added to the weirdness. It's been boiling hot on my floor at work.


I think the juxtaposition of the heron, cormorants and gulls ends up looking like a teacher with small children.


The weird thing at work is most of the floors have been cold but my floor has stayed very hot.


I have to peel down to short sleeves and sandals and then put a sweater on for the elevator and other floors. 


The only thing that helps is running fans constantly and opening windows.


The waste of open windows in the winter so you don't burn up inside is nuts.


There are a lot of theories about what the problem is but no solutions so far.


I guess I'll stop here. 


Penelope Notes said...

Looks like climate extremes are happening not just out there but in your building as well. Nice to see you posting again, Carver. How lovely are those splashes of color on the bridge and the ducks in the brownish pond, too. Haha … yep, the larger birds do make the smaller ones look like school kids. The owl appears similar to one that surprised me sitting on a fence out my window last year. It could be a "barred" owl.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You had an owl in your own backyard! I’m so envious. And happy for you. .... I do love your walks and agree about the heron “minding the little ones”....exactly how it looks ...... I once lived through the opposite temperature problem. my office (back in my former life) moved into a brand new building and the HVAC system was all screwed up matter what they did, the temperature stayed at 60 degrees or lower all spring and summer— we were all wearing sweaters and practically mittens and then stripping layers as we left in the evening. It was miserable until they finally figured it out ... I don’t think being too hot would be any better...hope they get it figured out for you soon. (Apparently the system was controlled remotely s show. Didn’t understand it then still don’t.

Photo Cache said...

I really do miss your posts. I'm glad that you still manage to regularly post, although at longer intervals. Hope your 2020 started alright.

lissa said...

I'm glad to see all the creatures out. I think it's a sign of warmer weather to come. The weather has been a bit uneven but I hope spring will be like spring.

Have a lovely day.


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