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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

March 16 through May 24, 2020


The world keeps getting weirder and weirder. The photo above is the new me.


On a positive note we've had a particularly beautiful spring.


I think it's helped that the temperatures have stayed relatively cool for a North Carolina Piedmont spring.


I'm lucky to live somewhere that it's possible to get outside and walk.


We've had a lot of rain but in between rainy days there have been days where I've been able to get outside.


I'm curious about what the photographer below was shooting.


When I shot the great blue heron I didn't even see the turtles.


Once I downloaded the shot above I was able to crop it so the turtles are visible on the right.


I love surprises in photographs.


We always have a lot of rabbits in my neighborhood but this year they seem to be even more abundant than usual.


It's been cool hearing and seeing places where wildlife are able to roam the streets without the car traffic that's usually out.


I've noticed a lot more traffic lately even though my state is still in the very early stages of opening up.


It annoys me when I see less people wearing masks in publilc.


Durham, NC has a city ordinance requiring masks in public but Raleigh, NC where I live only has it as a recommendation. 


Although I live in Raleigh and normally work in Durham, I'm working from home for the time being but still glad to see Durham being sensible. 


The flag above caught my eye on a neighborhood walk.


I think the heron below may be a juvenile.


I'm running out of anything I feel like saying.


The craziness in the world is hard for me to avoid.


I went through a long time of actively avoiding the news but that's been hard to stick to this year.


Bill spotted the goldfinch below when we were walking.


I would have missed it otherwise.



Lady Fi said...

Lovely shots!

Penelope Notes said...

It is good to see your beautiful world again, Carver! I like the mask. In B.C. we are doing relatively well so far with good leadership. Although most people are following the rules, it is worrying to see some not wearing a mask when they cannot distance from folks outside their bubbles. It seems careless and disrespectful to those doing their bit and the health care workers.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful everything, especially love the pink and white blossoms against the blue sky. I like your mask ... Bill found a box of masks in his tool cupboard, the kind he used for sanding jobs. they do the job perfectly, but certainly have no style to add (but I don’t care). Still, yours is definitely sweeter!

Photo Cache said...

Hope everyone is doing well especially you and your family. Lovely nature shots.

I'm working from home since mid March and I'm starting to like it, although I miss going out of the house.

lissa said...

I try not to read the news as well but it's so hard to avoid them even when you try.

These spring shots are wonderful. So many colorful trees. The bunnies are cute.

Have a lovely day.


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