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Saturday, December 19, 2020

July 7 through December 12, 2020

I can hardly believe how long it has been since I blogged. It's been so long that my embed from flick isn't working. The photos below are on my flickr site and I put them in the same as always but they aren't showing up. I tried a lot of different things but I give up. I ended up inserting through blogger and not doing the embed.

I intended to post at least once per season so I could look back and easily remember seasonal changes.

It has been almost six months since my last post.

You can't see it but behind my laden pecan tree branches is a 3 person wooden swing.

We've had such a wet summer that the greens stayed almost as fresh as spring.

The shot above is my backyard. I've let it return to woods to the point I can't even make it up to my storage building.

The high stepping egret above cracks me up.

I haven't been anywhere to speak of over the past six months so these are mostly home and neighborhood lake and parks.

I voted on the very first day of in person voting.

It wasn't too bad but did make me think, over the river and through the woods to vote for sanity I go.

I was glad everyone was wearing a mask.

We've had a mask mandate since last spring and I was hoping no one was going to be there making a mask-less statement. 

Fall was very pretty this year and went on a long time.

We're well into winter now and mostly the trees are bare.

Weather is all over the place with one night having a hard freeze and the next rain.

My oak trees are always the last to change colors but they're worth the wait. Below are my oaks and above is my neighbor's maple.

The most excitement I've had recently is an attic full of squirrels. 

I am having a bunch of repairs done after they are trapped and removed.

Above are cedar waxwings. The waxwings come in the late fall and early winter and then move on.

The bittersweet berries have all fallen.

They are a big hit with the birds.

I think the blue jay below was talking to me.

I hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy as we approach another new year. Man, I sure hope 2021 isn't like 2020 although I shouldn't complain. I am doing well myself.


Penelope Notes said...

What a wonderful “big sky” header, Carver! I’ve missed your posts and hoped you were well during these challenging times. Great to see your beautiful area again and happy how the election turned out … gives lots of folks a lighter feeling that maybe 2021 will be better. Stay safe. Be well. :)

Photo Cache said...

Happy Holidays.

I had the same problem with Flick'r + Blogger a while back, but I thought it was glitch. Anyway, the photos are showing.

Happy New Year.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I was so glad to see you back in blogland and it has taken me awhile to come and tell you so because I have a bad case of inertia. (Lazy Covid days, nothing to do so I do nothing). I love your post and the seasonal changes (which I’m actually enjoying for a change myself (in Oregon vs Florida). The blue Jay scolding you and the pretty greens and reds of your Autumn and transition seasons are standout special, but always I love all your “wild” nature (even your backyard). I’m glad your voting in person was a good experience, and had the same hopes and thoughts when we voted (at our kitchen table as we have here for decades!). Fingers crossed wishing you a hopeful and happy New Year.

lissa said...

It's always nice to see how other parts of the world are getting on. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Happy new year!


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