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Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer Past Revisited


Dee said...

Does this mean that we have to remain wordless, too?

I love this shot of the blue flower - seems like someone should be beaming there from somewhere - or emerging from the light of enlightenment or something. Cool, nevertheless!

Carver said...

Hi Dee, You made me laugh. I love comments and I'll comment back too, LOL. I appreciate you visiting my new blog and I enjoyed your thoughts. It's fun how there are so many possibilities for what's going on inside a flower. It does almost look like Scottie could beam up out of there.

Ice said...

You got cool shots of flowers here. Unique color with this one!

SabineM said...

wow amazing! Looks like a light in the flower. love the site!

Christy Woolum said...

Wow! I love your new site/sight. I am thinking at some point I may do something like this also since my photo collection keeps growing.

Carver said...

Thank you Ice, I also like the way the color worked with the morning glory. It wasn't so obvious until I did the macro shot.

Thanks Sabine, It is interesting how the light seemed to shine out. It was mostly luck that I got it to work the first time but I'm finding flowers with the shape of the morning glory work for that effect. This is actually a shot I took last summer so I'm looking forward to the new ones blooming.

Thanks Inland Empire Girl, I appreciate that. I always enjoy your photographs and the stories you include. You would have great material for a photoblog as an addition to the charming site you already have.


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