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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Born on Veterans Day

If anyone is here for that's My World Tuesday, you can scroll down to the next post to find it. This is for the Tuesday and Wednesday editions of Wordless Wednesday.

NOTE - After I already did the collage above, I was reading and realized the monument I titled World War II memorial is actually a memorial for NC veterans who served in World War I, II and the Korean War. To find other WW posts please visit the home of Wordless Wednesday.


mommanator said...

Happiest Birthday Yet

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :) I too posted about Remembrance day.

Happy WW :)

My WW entries for today are at:

Pastyme With Good Companye

The Paranormal Blog

Nuttin' But

Please stop by if you have a moment :)

Anonymous said...


Hope my voice didn't crack ur monitor screen virtually :P

Happy Birthday!!!

Mojo said...

You know in all the times I've seen that memorial on the north side of the capitol, I didn't realize it was specific to any conflict(s)? I thought it was just a veterans memorial for all NC troops from all branches of the military.

Here's to the day when we don't have to build any more of these!

Photo Cache said...

Happy birthday my dear Carver. I hope you make the most of this day.

jams o donnell said...

Happy Birthday Carver. Beautiful shots for Armistice Day

SabineM said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Carver
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!
I had no idea!!!!
Hope you had a nice Birthday!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Carver!!
A wonderful post!

Sidney said...

Happy birthday !

Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderful My world, lovely capitol... Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!!
Happy Veterans day!

Indrani said...

Happy Birthday, Carver!
May you have a happy future ahead.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Must be nice to have parades on your birthday every year. ;-}

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, you're so cute :-)

Maureen Hayes said...

Happy belated birthday!! I lived in NC and never saw these memorials, so it was nice to get to see them. Thanks for sharing.

Check out my WW post at:

Happy WW as well!

DNLee said...

Happy WW & Happy Birthday. Great photos.

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Thank You very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Have a nice day!!

Jane Hards Photography said...

This is fabulous, very personla and informative.

Catherine said...

So, happy belated Birthday from France.
And thanks to have created this collage for a wonderful tribute.

SandyCarlson said...

Gorgeous, friend. Well done. Happy birthday!


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