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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our World Tuesday: Birds with Attitude

You don't have to speak bird to know when a brown thrasher is cussing you out.

The shots I'm posting of the brown thrashers are from several different days and are not necessarily the same bird.
In addition to rather large beaks they also have wild looking eyes which add to their look of bird with attitude.
I didn't try to pick the clearest shots in all cases but am going for personality shots.
The American Robin below was doing a little yoga after a bath.
Next the robin adopts a meditative stance.
Following is the don't mess with me stance.
On another day the American Robin was in the larger bath doing a little water ballet.
The house finch couple in the next two shots cracked me up.
The male was patiently waiting for the female to finish up her bath. Then again maybe he preferred to let her do all the work and give him a shower.
The sparrow below used up all the water and tripled its size.
The male cardinal below was chowing down on some cold morning food I provided as a treat.
Another male cardinal watched from the shelter of the pecan tree.
The mourning dove turned its back on me and waddled away.
The carolina chickadee was wearing it's tuxedo feathers.
Lastly the rufous-sided towhee was curling up one corner of its mouth and eying me with displeasure.
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Penelope Notes said...

Wonderfully and imaginatively written, Carver! All those characteristics you mention match perfectly with their photographs. The red cardinal and morning dove are not normally seen outside my window … lucky you! But next time I see a chickadee and robin I will be thinking of yoga and tuxedos. :)

Cezar and Léia said...

LOL that first shot is fabulous!
Lovely close ups, the birds are cute!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love all of your birds with an "attitude"! How fun!! Such great captures for the day, Carver!! A great smile and giggles to start my day!! Hope your week is off to a great start!


Unknown said...

What a fun pond you've got!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Snap said...

Fun shots! I've decided no bird likes having his/her portrait taken while in the bath! A little privacy please! :D :D :D :D

eileeninmd said...

Fantastic birds and photos. The Thrasher shots are so cue and fun! Thanks for sharing, hope you have a lovely week!

Sallie ( said...

Some of us take pictures of birds, you take portraits! The best kind in which the personality of the subject shines through.

Hard to pick a favorite here, but the house finch couple really made me laugh!

The whole post just made me happy! Thanks!

Al said...

Great shots, that first one is truly classic. Don't mess with him in his bath!

SandyCarlson said...

These are great--and that freshly washed robin cracked me up.

Carol said...

Love all these bird photos, and the narrative is perfect!

Gillian Olson said...

Carver, a wonderful series of birds. The bath shots are precious, I love your communtary.

Jim said...

Great collection of birds that we don't see here.

Stewart M said...

Hi there - body language is body language! Nice pictures.

Stewart M - Australia

LifeRamblings said...

those birds are gorgeous and i enjoy your narration too.

Rambling Woods said...

Love dignity in a bath

Melbourne Australia Photos said...

Beautiful captures! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - these birds shots are just amazing!

Indrani said...

I like the title so perfectly fits the captures. :)


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