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Thursday, October 25, 2012

SkyWatch Friday: NC mountains

I couldn't have ordered better weather for our road trip to the North Carolina mountains.
This time we stayed in Brevard, NC near Asheville which is southwest of where I live in central NC.
Usually we have at least a day or so of rainy foggy weather in the mountains but this time it was all clear blue skies.
It was chilly at night and in the mornings but the sun warmed us up quickly during the day.
I took a ton of pictures so difficult to weed out the ones to use on my blog.
As a matter of fact I took so many pictures I didn't even mind losing the ones I shot on the way there.
When I'm on a trip I periodically look through my photos and delete the ones I don't want to keep.
My camera asks do you want to delete current photo, selected photos or all the photos in the camera.
The first night I accidentally said delete all photos in the camera.
Fortunately I hadn't taken that many pictures when I deleted all of them.
I took so many pictures during the rest of the trip that I didn't mind losing those from on the way there.
It also made me be very careful the rest of the time when sorting through and deleting pictures I didn't want to keep.
I've always been afraid I would accidentally delete all the pictures and am usually very careful about it.
The shot below as well as a few above are from the arboretum in Asheville, NC.
I had never been to that arboretum before although I've been to the area many times.
The next shot is one I took on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Most of the shots are a mix from the road and on trails.
For this post I tried to pick the ones where the sky was a feature of the shot.
It's nice having a blue sky mixing in with the colorful leaves.
The last day I was glad to have some swirling clouds to add to the all blue of the rest of the time.
I took the last shot on the way home.


Anonymous said...

The colours, the scenery, the photos - all fabulous!

Karen said...

What a great trip, gorgeous photos! I have done the delete thing on occasion :(

Gillian Olson said...

What beautiful skies and scenery. It is a wonderful time of year and you captured it beautifully.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Welcome to Carver
What can I say about your photos?
They are very, very beautiful.
Wonderful autumn.
I send greetings.

Sylvia K said...

What a wonderful trip, Carver!! So much beauty and gorgeous colors! Terrific captures as always! There's just so much beauty this time of year it's hard to stop snapping and all too easy to hit the wrong button!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Carletta said...

I remember loving that part of the country many years ago when we visited.
Your fall foliage shots are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Pearl Maple said...

accidently deleting photos happens but your collection is a beautiful statement on the colors of the season

Rajesh said...

Beautiful scenic places.

Prem said...

i love fall colors, the best season for me but it isn't until later (California) that we get to see those leaves turn into flowers. I so love that first photo.

Photo Cache said...

just the perfect fall day to sightsee.

Anonymous said...

Great sight-seeing photos!

genie said...

Kept looking to see if you went to Sliding Rock while you in Brevard. We used to there all the time from Asheville. Glad you got to the Arboretum. It is such a lovely place to visit. 33 years in VA and I still miss Asheville and the Smokeys. Loved your post this week. genie

Ramakrishnan said...

Incredibly beautiful and glorious fall colours. Thanks for sharing.

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous fall colors, Carver. Wonderful collection of photos from your trip! Happy Skywatching!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh beautiful beautiful...that was absolutely a perfect trip wasn't it..except for the accidental deletion. All the colors and skies are amazing =-- that one tree in the parking lot is a real different shade of orange. (Don't lose any more pictures -- they're too good!)

Indrani said...

This time too you have excelled with your collection. Amazing sights!

Chubskulit Rose said...

The tree in the middle of that pond is beautiful!

My Sky Shots
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them, feels like were on the trip too!

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, fantastic autumn colours. I am greeting

Anuradha Shankar said...

lovely photos.. and wonderful colours of the autumn.... something we miss out here....

Stewart M said...

Great set of pictures! Such warm colours.

Stewart M - Australia

Laloofah said...

Oh, horrors! I'll bet your heart sank when you realized you'd deleted all your photos. But at least you were nowhere near being out of great photo ops, obviously! I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos, but especially the two of the beautiful individual trees - the one beside the parking lot and the one at the Asheville Arboretum, growing where you'd expect to see a fountain instead! That's a really handsome specimen, do you know what kind of tree it is?

I've long wanted to visit Asheville, so I enjoyed this little virtual taste of it!


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