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Sunday, February 12, 2017

January 29 through February 12, 2017

We're continuing to have wild weather fluctuating as much as 50 degrees within a week.


It's one of those years where the warm spells in winter are starting to give the wrong signals to trees.


The first group of shot from a late January walk at Shelley Lake were taken before the warming signals started doing much.


There is always some green at my neighborhood lake because of the number of evergreens.


I like the way gulls (above) look like little jewels from a distance.


The Shelley Lake walk was perfect weather two weeks ago.


It was nice to get out and enjoy the pleasant day.


There were also great clouds when running errands that weekend.


I love clouds almost more than anything.


The rest of the shots were taken this weekend.


I kind of wish the trees weren't confused and heading to spring so early.


It's not unusual for this to happen in recent years but it tends to cut down on flowers in the spring since we almost certainly have a lot of winter left.


I have stopped worrying about it too much and enjoy the buds even if they get zapped before they flower.


I was glad I caught the trees below on the way to a walk on the part of the NC Mountain to Sea trail that's near where I live.


We saw some back packers today on the trail.


I think it looks like the stump below was carved


It's still definitely winter in the woods.


The forest tends to hold off on seasonal changes too early.



Photo Cache said...

Hello Carver. How beautiful are your winter days. It has been pretty stormy here lately. We have a few days of sunshine though. Have a wonderful February.

Lady Fi said...

Wow - buds and blossoms already? Lovely blues in your shots.

YTSL said...

Hi Carver --

Sounds like your weather's been on the weird side but visually, it looks like a lot of it has been pretty good! :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Our daughter (in Oregon) said yesterday they've had some quite warm days just like you and they have buds on a lot of the flowering trees. But there is at least a small chance that there won't be any more hard winter there. You are right, there isn't much else to do but enjoy the buds no matter what happens later.

The almost budding trees are beautiful and you know I love blue-sky clouds too (and they are so much prettier from your area on down to here than they were in Oregon)..... but the rich tones and interesting shapes in your still-winter-woods make lovely pictures too ...

Happy Valentine's Day!

lissa said...

the lake shots looks like it's taken in the summer, quite lovely to look at

have a lovely day.

Penelope Notes said...

Soon you won't be able to see through the trees for all the leaves in the forest. We’ve got unsettled weather in my neck of the woods, too, although the late and unexpected snow recently thawed. The birds seem to be in the nest-building mood already and flowers are eager to bloom.


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