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Monday, May 29, 2017

Late May 2016

I have been off work since Thursday and don't return until Wednesday which has been a nice mini break.


The mornings have been cool and it hasn't turned hot until today which has made walks very pleasant.


We've had a very wet spring and only sporadic days where the temperatures have reached into the hot category which has left everything looking very lush and green.


I was surprised to see a cormorant at Shelly Lake since they usually go somewhere else in the spring and return in the fall.


The gulls are all gone as they do every spring and return in the winter.


There are other lakes in my town and the surrounding area that have gulls in the summer so I assume they prefer other places to breed.


One thing I miss about working from home was it was easier for me to work walks in.


This picnic table would normally be on dry land but there are many signs of flooding around the lake.


Even this other picnic table is normally quite a ways back from the edge of the lake so it's clear the lake has swallowed up some land.


The great blue heron has found a nice spot to perch on. 


This one didn't seem to move at all for a long time.


I'm used to not seeing many Canada geese on this side of the lake in the spring since they are usually walking with their babies on a large field on the other side of the lake.


The odd thing was I didn't see any  geese on land with their babies.


I hope we continue to have a cool down at night for a while. I don't mind heat as much when the mornings are pleasant and it edges up during the day.


This American robin didn't seem to be making any sound and I was worried about it because it was so still.


I finally went out because I wanted to clean out the bath and put in fresh water. 


At first it just moved its head a bit and then hopped over to the edge of the deck and disappeared into the vines.



DeniseinVA said...

You went on a lovely walk and your photos are super. We have had a lot of rain here this spring. We missed most of it because we were on a road trip, but when but when we got back we saw how lush and green everything was. It has rained off and on since we have been back. Great catching up with you Carver. Enjoy the rest of your break.

Penelope Notes said...

Sounds nice having a bit of an extended break from the office, Carver. The fluffy bird seems in shock or perhaps it’s very young and just learning about its power to fly. Glad to see it was all right in the end!

Photo Cache said...

How beautiful. I too had my share of mini break. I went off Thursday and back to work Tuesday. I definitely made the most of my break. Hope you have a fabulous week.

YTSL said...

Love your nature pics and I think you're absolutely fantastic at photographing birds. Get the feeling that you're an extremely patient photographer and bird watcher, and that it really pays off! :)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

That little Robin was just really enjoying that bath -- he was all blissed out! It looks green and nice on your walk, but really a lot of water! I remember (back when I was young like you) how much I enjoyed mini-breaks from work like you just had. I often tried to get in a few vacation days around Holidays ... sometimes those short times off can be more restful and fun than a long vacation, because not as many expectations.

lissa said...

even with the flooding, that place looks like a great place to take a long, slow walk. pretty flowers to end the walk, perhaps?

have a lovely day.


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