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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Early June 2017

I took the shots in this post on Saturday June 3 and Saturday June 10.


The weather cooperated for me to check on Bill's garden where he's retired in Oxford, NC.


I wasn't sure if his vegetable garden would survive while he and our daughter were in Europe (France, Italy and Greece) for 18 days.


It turned out well with rain at the beginning of the week and and coool weather mid week.


The hot weather was on Saturday and Sunday both weekends so it motivated me to go and turn on his irrigation on the Saturday mornings. 


None of the shots are of Bill's actual vegetable garden. The shot above is rolled bales I shot before I got to his house and the tomatoes above that shot are of tomatoes growing in one of his compost cages. I'm not sure if he even knows about them. I pick him up tomorrow to take him home so I'll find out then. 


The shot above is Bill's meadow and the shot below are trumpet vines growing on an old tobacco barn that's in his meadow.


He has a lot of wildflowers. I'm glad that he and Avory were able to go on this trip. Bill's 8 years older than I am so he has retired before I'll be able to. I'm grateful that our friendship has survived our divorce many years ago.


I was able to meet Avory during a student exchange she did during high school in Germany (around 2002). We took a train from Germany to France so I'm glad she was able to have a trip like this one with her Dad. I spent a summer in Europe in 1974 too when my father was on a sabbatical. Bill has lived in Japan but never been to Europe and I've enjoyed their trip vicariously through instagram.


DeniseinVA said...

These are lovely photos Carver, and such a variety of pretty scenes. Thank you for sharing Bill's garden. That's great that he and your daughter have had a vacation in Europe. We had a chat with a nephew this morning when he visited, who had just returned from Ireland, England and Holland. Always love to hear about people's travels and his was fun as I am sure Bill and Avory's is. Have a great week :)

Penelope Notes said...

In the end friendship is the key to any marriage … sounds like you and Bill have a great one! How wonderful your daughter was able to see these wonderful places in Europe with the added safety of being with her dad and perhaps vise versa. :) On a floral note, I love the field daisies. I’ve never found seeds for sale and long wanted them on a hilly part of my lawn. In desperation, I recently transplanted a few from a local park field. :))

YTSL said...

Continuing on the weird associations theme (from over at my blog): when I saw the photo of the bales of hay, I immediately got to thinking of Monet's haystack painting... ;)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh thank heavens for that last bit. Knowing you have already enjoyed time in Europe and a great trip with your daughter , makes me glad. Of course I'm happy that Bill and Avery are getting this experience,but at first it Didn't seem fair that you were keeping everything going at home. But I feel better now. His farm is in a lovely area.


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