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Saturday, March 9, 2019

January through March 8, 2019

I'm going to start with shots from this past week and move backwards to January 2019. 


It isn't unusual in the North Carolina Piedmont for early spring flowers to begin in late February and get hit by a cold snap in March.


What made this year unusual was that we had some warm days in early February and by the second week in February there were already quite a few early spring flowers.


The first 3 shots show what happened to those flowers that jumped the gun after we had some very cold nights.


I made a point of photographing as many flowers as possible as they began to bloom knowing they were unlikely to last very long.


It doesn't bother me how brief some of the spring blooms will be because it was actually nice to have a lot of February blooms no matter how brief.


I find expectations have a lot to do with how I feel in general.


It's not that I'm suggesting low expectations as a positive in all situations but as regards to the aspects outside my control like how long early flowers last, I don't have any expectations.


In general the older I get the less I let expectations cause me to be disappointed.


Of course that's easier when the majority of your life is over so no matter what happens it won't be interminable. 


I'll admit that I have to remind myself of that when I watch the news and even comedy about the current political situation.


Also, since I have an adult child who will hopefully have close to 5 more decades ahead, or maybe more, I don't want their life to be filled too long with the toxic politics we have in the United States.


I remember thinking there would never be anyone worse than Richard Nixon in the White House.


I think never is a good word to avoid.


That said, I don't want to contemplate a worse political situation than what we have now where I live.


I've almost reached the earliest shots I took between January and March.


There is something very beautiful to me about a still winter day.


I admire the patience of the fishers.


It's certainly seems like the life of a water bird is difficult.


There's something I like about the mass of gulls that look like tiny jewels from a distance.


When they start to fly they almost look like white moths from far away.


Reflections are always interesting to me.


The full moon through the trees is fun to watch.


I took the last shot with my cell phone of the downtown Durham, NC post office. 

blog Durham USPS-email 2


Penelope Notes said...

Oh, the post office is very imposing and impressive. Winter presents some stunning views that you’ve captured beautifully. The shot of a lone bird making ripples in a wavy pool is mesmerizing and, now that you mention it, gulls from afar do look like tiny white moths. This is such a lovely contemplative post … surely the political climate will correct itself eventually with so many folks that see and feel as you do. :)

DeniseinVA said...

Great selection of photos Carver. You take beautiful shots. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard for 2020. I remember when We first moved here from California and we went into DC a lot. We always passed the Watergate building. It all seemed surreal to actually see it.

Photo Cache said...

So glad you posted the magnolias. Hope all's well with you.

lissa said...

are you saying these are shots are from last year 2018 instead of 2019?

they are lovely, I like all the cherry blossoms. & that duck swimming, that ust makes me think of lazy days.

have a lovely day.

Carver said...

Thanks to Lissa for pointing out that I accidentally said 2018 when I meant 2019. Fixed now.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am so glad you got these lovely early spring (false spring?) pictures. Even though I can’t help being a bit envious of your daffodils. Even if they didn’t last too long. (I have no expectations of actually seeing early Spring flowers, but I still miss them.) I completely agree with your musings on the current mess we’re living with is for our kids, grands and great-grands that I care ....things just have to change.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm getting around to my Feedly list for the first time in weeks and weeks and I knew I'd been here before (even before I saw my comment above).... but I wanted to add how much I love the Kingfisher photo in your header (now I'm envious of something else besides your Spring flowers... Kingfishers are almost impossible for me to photograph!

Lady Fi said...

Wow - lovely blossoms!

Photo Cache said...

Happy May Carver.

I would love to sign up for a tour of your garden someday. Your azaleas are a joy to see. Don't you have magnolias as well?


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