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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nature Notes and Our World Tuesday: Moody March

During the first part of this past week the birds and humans alike were wondering what happened to spring.


You can probably barely make out the new growth below that was encased in ice.


I think this coming week (I'm posting on Sunday) may have some similar mood swings as March draws to an end.


 I do love big fat icicles. 


Frozen trees are lovely too although branches sometimes snap under the weight.

 Pleasant spring weather returned for the end of the week.


 I've stopped worrying about damage because the flowers and new growth are happening in waves.


One day there is some damage from temperature drops and ice but a whole new wave of flowers starts up as soon as it warms up.


Although a few trees and early flowering bushes lost their flowers for the season, others are just getting started.


Some early spring flowers are very tenacious.


I don't mind the temperature swings too much if I remind myself that I always complain about summer heat.


I also enjoy change although having such big differences in temperatures every couple of days can be draining for some reason.


I am tired of gray skies but most weeks we get at least a day or two with some blue.


I think the American Robin below looks like she's ready to dance.


Periwinkle is an early spring flowering ground cover I enjoy.


I have a lot of periwinkle in my yard but the ivy is starting to overtake some of the areas I planted with periwinkle a long time ago.


My redbud tree above is beginning to show the beginnings of flowers.


The low growing flowering volunteers above are weeds but I like them so I call them volunteers.


Most of the forsythia bushes in my neighborhood aren't blooming yet but I spotted the one below on a walk.


I'm curious if the bed below only has a couple of daffodils or if more flowers will come up later. 


We have had a couple of pretty sunsets over the past seven days.


On a Sunday walk this morning I reminded myself to photograph some bare winter trees before they all sprout leaves.


This was the first Sunday in several weeks where it didn't start to rain until the afternoon.


I don't mind all the wet weather as much if at least part of the day is suitable for a walk.


I do enjoy the way there are different seasons represented in nature during the transition from one season to the next.



Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your last sentence says it perfectly -- this is a wonderful post showing the transition between seasons. Like the flowers you show, something I remember but don't see nowadays (at least the winter/spring change).

Thanks for showing the grape hyacinths under the tree there -- I used to love seeing them ... along with the crocuses...the first ones we would see in Oregon.

Leora said...

You have lots of spring showing! We only have a few crocuses and snow drops. Lovely to look at your flowers.

We might have snow tomorrow. I suppose you will get the cold.

Ercotravels said...

Yours each and every picture tells about the beauty of nature in different shades.

Mike said...

I can't believe you have so much green and growth. We still have nothing here! And now it's coooold again. Wonderful photos.

Penelope Notes said...
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Penelope Notes said...

What a difference a day makes in our worlds! Never dull with changes happening from one moment to the next. I love the little bird on the grassy dance floor. It is no doubt looking forward to more temperate weather.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful images. I can see colorful flowers.

Sylvia K said...

Ah, the many faces of spring!! You've caught them all beautifully as always, Carver!! We have the same things from bare trees to colorful blooms, gray skies to blue!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty of your world! Have lovely week!!

Fun60 said...

Such changeable weather. Love the ice trees but much prefer the blossom than the ice.

carol l mckenna said...

So many beautiful photos of Mother natures delights ~ love the robin ~ and so glad you have so much of Spring in your life ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The lacework on the twigs, they are so beautiful. I can't remember if I saw them in Canada when I was there 40 years ago.

Photo Cache said...

Mr. Weather is very fickle in your neck of the woods. For an outsider the bare tree limbs all covered in ice is very beautiful, I'm sure there is a hidden hassle to you.

Unknown said...

I'm glad the early spring blooms are tenacious. There is beauty with the ice in the branches but I prefer the blooms and blue skies to it. Hope spring is ready to come out permanently this time. :)

Indrani said...

Weather is confusing at times. You did get some wonderful spring blooms.

Anonymous said...

One step forward and two steps back - that's spring!

I love all your icy shots.

Carole M. said...

a lovely series; your plants sure are tough to endure the extremes like they do. I noted what appeared to be a budding camellia - I have them budding here where it's Autumn with no harsh temps like yours to deal with (apart from hot summers but they're not budding then). I loved the sunset/silhouettes too

eileeninmd said...

Carver, lovely series of images. You have shown the two season on your post. The ice is awful for the trees and branches even though it is pretty to see. I love the blossoms and flowers, pretty signs of spring.. Have a happy day!

Hootin Anni said...

Wow...and what an ice storm that was to be sure, by the images you've shared. Poor plants/birds!!!

But the weather rebounded to its full glory of Spring. Just hope now it remains and no more tricks up Mother Nature's sleeves.

Karen said...

So many beautiful signs of spring Carver! No signs here yet except for a few bird species that have come back to the shock of snow!

thomas said...

nicely frozen branches.

Rambling Woods said...

Great captures of Mother Nature's ever changing mind... I will enjoy your spring until we get one of our own..Michelle

Anonymous said...

Well done. Hopefully we are about to turn over a new leaf. The mood swings are awful for plants and birds.


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