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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our World and Nature Notes: End of February and March begins

On a cold morning the red-bellied woodpecker was eating breakfast on my deck wall.


Two days after the shot above was taken, warmer weather appeared and an American Robin was finding worms to eat.


 I was surprised that there were already worms to be found.


We continue to have temperature swings by as much as 50 degrees from cold nights to warm days.


Today (Sunday) the high was up to 70 F (21.1 C) but Monday night the low is supposed to be 17 F (- 8.3 C).


Monday afternoon it's supposed to sleet and snow.


Sunday was a perfect day for a walk at Lake Lynn.


Lake Lynn is only several miles from where I live but since I have Shelley Lake at the end of my subdivision street, I usually walk at Shelley.


There are similarities between the two lakes but differences too. 

 I'm not used to seeing so many gulls at Lake Lynn.


I need to remember to go to this lake in the summer and see if the gulls leave for the summer like they do at Shelley Lake. 


 I'm not sure what the water bird below is but the closest I could find online was something called a swan goose.


 Below you can see the swan goose beside a duck and they look very different from each other.


 The gulls and geese at lake lynn were very rambunctious.


I usually don't get a chance to photograph a mass of gulls flying at the same time. 

I think these gulls were having a party.


There aren't too many trees flowering yet but the ones that are cheer me up.


I love bare winter trees too but I'm beginning to get in the mood for flowers. Click for the home or Nature Notes and/or click for the home of Our World.


SandyCarlson said...

Carver, these springy shots make my evening! I hope the winter weather on the agenday for you guys goes the way our winter storm did. (Poof! Gone!)

Nonnie said...

I came here from my bloglovin email first, but I couldn't comment. Where you live, spring is evident. Where I live snow is on the ground from the weekend. And our temperature is below zero.
Your shots are wonderful and make me wish for warmer days.

A Colorful World said...

Great shots of the birds on that lovely little lake! Looks like a great place to visit.

Randi said...

Carver, I love your wonderful spring-shots!!! Your photos of the birds are amazing!

Photo Cache said...

great shots. this place is amazing any season of the year.

carol l mckenna said...

Gorgeous nature photos and showing signs of Spring is a delight ~ for OWT ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Cynthia said...

You have had quite a mix of weather. The robins here are pecking at frozen apples in the apple trees, and I imagine lamenting their decision not to fly south for the winter.

Valerie said...

A lovely series of captures - thanks for sharing.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful shots, Carver. I think the gulls hang around year round? Love the lake with the swan goose? I think I would cheer up if I saw some blossoming trees. Enjoy! Have a happy day and week ahead!

Leora said...

Looks like you had a tease of beautiful spring! I assume you had winter come back at least today. Love that robin with worm. I've been hunting for something pushing out of the ground like your daffodils, but only a bit of the ground is showing from under all our old, hard snow. Have a great week, Carver.

Janice said...

Your walk was very lovely and quite fruitful in beauty.

Rajesh said...

Great shots of birds in action.

Anonymous said...

What crazy swings in the weather! It does look so lovely and spring-like though. Nice set of shots.

Indrani said...

Great series!
I enjoy these sights you capture.

Cezar and Léia said...

Adorable landscape!Nature there is blessed!

EG CameraGirl said...

The robins here are very jealous of the robins there eating worms. ;))

Adam Jones said...

I can't wait for Spring to arrive. Hurry up please! I love that Woodpecker.

Karen said...

How wonderful to see signs of spring!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

High time for spring -- hope it is there to stay. The early spring photos are so lovely. .. good memories for me.

Laura said...

what a treat to see spring unfurling in little bits around the world even while it is still very wintry here.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. We've had the wild swings too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. We've had the wild swings too.


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