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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our World and Nature Notes: Early March

March came in like a lamb with a lion on its heels and then a lamb chased off the lion, all within the space of 10 days.
The early daffodils were battered by sleet and even more so by the cold.
The sleet with a little snow mixed in on Monday didn't amount to much but the weather turned extremely cold doing a lot of damage to the earliest flowers.
The mourning dove above and the junco below were on my deck.
 The rufous-sided towhee and the sparrow below were eating on my deck wall on Tuesday.
The titmouse below was hurriedly hopping from the deck wall for food and back to the trees.
 The male and female cardinal below were having breakfast together.
 The male cardinal had to give up his breakfast place to a red-bellied woodpecker.
 The woodpecker flew back to the pecan tree and the male cardinal came back.
 I think male rufous-sided towhees are very stylish looking.
 The hellebore below is one I photographed at Grace Garden in Durham.
 I also photographed the icicles hanging from the cars in the office parking lot in Durham on Tuesday.
 I love the way icicles look.
 Below is a moody sky I shot around the middle of the week close to sunset.
Below are birds at one of the feeders in my neighborhood.
 I photographed the cardinal below during a neighborhood walk.
 Towards the end of the week it began warming up but it was too late for the earliest daffodils that bloomed.
Most flowers that bloom early are alright with bitter weather when they are just emerging and have tiny buds but don't do well when they are too far along.
 I like the different kinds of bark on the trees below.
 I think the bird below is a raven.
 The tulip tree (Japanese Magnolia) lost the buds that were already pink and starting to open when it got so cold but I see some smaller buds that hopefully will develop and bloom later.
 I shot the daffodils below after it was much warmer but they aren't bouncing back, still the colors are pretty.
Fortunately there are still lots of daffodils beginning to emerge that should bloom later.
 The shot above and the rest of the shots were taken today (Sunday) at Shelley Lake in Raleigh, NC where I live.
 The weather this weekend has been delightful.
 The gulls are still hanging out but every year they leave sometime during the spring, possibly to go to another lake in the area to nest. I'm never sure why they leave and come back in the fall since there are plenty of gulls year round in my city, but not at this particular lake.


Anonymous said...

So much to see here! Love the slanted angle of the tree trunks:) Nice to have these regular visitors in your back yard!
Thanks for visiting me earlier - I think Santa Barbara is considered a city, but I don't know If the USA has the same requirements for it to be called "a city" In Europe cities (already) in the Middle Ages) could only be called a city if they had "city rights."

EG CameraGirl said...

Looks like March has had a moody start in North Carolina!

Penelope Notes said...

I like the icicles, too. The weather is never boring in my neck of the woods either and must be a little disconcerting to all the early bloomers. Unexpected sudden snowfalls one day and spring the next!

Photo Cache said...

fingers crossed that you're all done with winter for this year.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

This really shows what happens when there's a 'false spring'. I probably already told you that daffodils in Oregon get beaten to death by the rain more often than not. I still love and miss them...even if they only looked beautiful for 2 days that's more than I see them now!

I marvel at the sheer number of birds you have in your yard and always at the wonderful pictures.

Sylvia K said...

Looks as though those moody starts are happening in lots of places!! Terrific captures for the day as always!! Hope you have a great week!

carol l mckenna said...

Always gorgeous photography here ~ such beautiful birds, skies, trees and nature's delights in all kinds of weather ~ thanks ~ Happy Week to you ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Fun60 said...

We are in the middle of a very warm spell and all the Spring flowers have bloomed in their full glory. Hopefully we won't follow your lead and experience some wintry showers and snow fall.

eileeninmd said...

Carver, we are warm today but Wednesday could be more snow. I hope not! I love all the bird photos, a nice variety.. I would love to see the Yellow-rump Warblers at one of my feeders. Have a happy week!

Randi said...

Delightful captures and words from your beautiful world. ! Hope you have a great week!

Laura said...

Poor daffodils… ours are still hidden beneath the snow. I'm glad you at least got to see them bloom before the weather decided to take a turn again.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of birds and flowers in winter.

Unknown said...

Poor early blooms, so sorry that the cold came back but it seems like it's warming up again. Hopefully winter's done for now. Lovely set of photos and lots of interesting bird sightings.

Indrani said...

Great series! The snow will vanish soon and it will be beautiful and colorful all around.

Anonymous said...

Crazy spring weather! Lovely shots. Hope it turns warm and stays that way.

TheChieftess said...

So sad the early blooms are struggling...lovely shots!!!

Hootin Anni said...

Even with the cold...the daffodils are a perfect sunny color on a cold wintry day. Love the lake shot, and I'm jealous of the tohwee photos!!!

KL said...

All such fantastic pictures. Wow! and it seems like you live in a very beautiful place.

NatureFootstep said...

to bad about the Magnolia tree. I hope the rest of the buds survived.

Trubes said...

All I can say Carver is, Wonderful ! You have transported me to another world...Terrific photography, such a talent,


Anonymous said...

You took some great photographs!

Rambling Woods said...

Lots happening ... Great to see spring flowers, but I am sorry you too got hit with cold weather....Michelle


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